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In celebration of International Women’s Day,  WOM Collective,

a platform dedicated to nurturing and championing female street artists, presents a series of artistic projects.


This year’s iteration of our annual WOM INSPIRED programme includes exhibition of artworks by collective members, a mural gallery including works by over 30 artists and a  paint jam open

to all female artists. 

Flyer Design by Lours.

Mural by Vane MG


Mural Art Exhibition

Penge Rooftop Gallery (The Blenheim Centre, High St, SE20 8RW).

On Saturday 11th March and Saturday 18th March 2023, ‘WOM INSPIRED23’ opened the doors to Penge Rooftop Gallery. This urban art experience features over 30 new murals by female artists, transforming the unused car park with a spectacular combination of different styles, each one celebrating something that inspires them.  


The urban gallery is curated by WOM founders Lours & Elno, with the support of London Calling Blog, Handley Group and Street Art Atlas will feature murals by Mishfit, Roo, Tamoonz, HazardOne, Curiouser, Nush, Lours, Vane MG, Pixie, Neonita, Elno, Mowcka, Frankie Strand, Lespleen, Zippy, Layla, 7th Pencil, Vanjimmer, Shauna, Madam, Apparan, Caryn Koh, Elena Howard, Giusi Tomasello, Jeru Kinnaird, Karc, Lorenza, Mar, Oneslutriot, SoulD_Art, Sugar, Tash, Knapple, Sophie Long, Iella, Barnieart, B9sart, Sion, Gloom Limbo, Lucia,Vero the neighbour and ywouldudothat. 

Penge  Wom Mural Exhibition.JPG
The Map Women Flyer.jpg

The Map Women

Collective Exhibition, at Metre Square Studio, West Kensington, W14 9LP (6pm till 11pm).

From Monday 6th March until Wednesday 8th March, ‘WOM INSPIRED23’ presents The Map Women, an exhibition curated by WOM members, Maria Linares Freire & Damitta. Staged in the heart of West Kensington, the exhibition is inspired by a poem of the same name, written by Carol Ann Duffy, the first female Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom. 

Featured artists: Elno, Lours, Apparan, Lily Curiouser, SoulD_Art, Mondi, Karc, Guisi Tomasello, Damitta & Maria Linares Freire.

Flyer design by Damitta.

Flyer Wom Jam.jpg

Paint Jam

A Graffiti Jam will take place in Allen Gardens ,off Brick Lane in Shoreditch on

Sunday 5th March, 10am until 5pm, with an open invitation for all female artists to join, regardless of experience.

WOM Jam’s are a safe and inclusive environment, and  welcome first time

and novice painters taking part!

The collective encourages other artists to bring their own paint and join into participate in a day of celebrating creativity and freedom.

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