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We are a grassroots collective of London based female artists passionate about inspiring and empowering each other and our communities. We create a space for artists to exhibit, sell their artwork and create a healthy creative network.


We are storytellers and facilitators who bring art out of the galleries and into the streets. Enlivening and activating unloved, urban spaces with colour and soul. Through creative expression we create opportunities for meaningful human connection, joy and positivity.


Street art has had a profound and transformational impact on many of us, increasing our confidence, helping us build strong networks and new career pathways. We want to pay this forward.


This collective is dedicated to empowering HER-story by providing a platform for graffiti jams, exhibitions, workshops and events that give back to female artists,

 local communities and charities. 

Wom founders



Elno (active founder)

Elena González better known as ELNO is a Spanish street artist based in London, illustrator, painter and designer. Originally starting as a street artist, her work is now in demand and is regularly being commissioned worldwide by art galleries and brands such as G Star Raw, Adidas and Acer.
She stays true to her roots and regularly sprays in paint jams, art exhibitions and live performances working collaboratively with other artists and independently.


Lours (active founder)

Lours is a professional artist who use different techniques to represent the world she has inside trying to make more people smile and reach the feelings of human beings. 


She focus on the surreal -realist style, influenced by everything that surround her, from feelings to the contrast of the sky. Art is her way of communication with the world. 


Raquel natalicchio (inactive founder)

Raquel Natalicchio is an internationally published  photographer, teaching artist and public speaker.
“ As a storyteller I believe in the power of image and story as having the ability to not only inspire but also expand our awareness. Images allow us to dive into all the layers of our world and gain a greater understanding of our environment and each other. Images serve as tools to educate, motivate and liberate. They also are a place where worlds can be created and the future imagined.”


Carleen de sözer (inactive founder)

Over the last 18 years Carleen has been consistent in supplying art in many formats, from graphic design and tattooing to airbrushing, from logos to CD covers, from canvas to walls, from t-shirt designs to teaching her talent to adults and the's fair to say that Carleen loves her job. 

Ask her what she does for a living and she'll comfortable state:

"I supply art for a living".


Art by Layla Cope

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